Mark Rode

Mark Rode-Bramanis Photographer
In short I am a photographers’ photographer. This means I don’t use short cuts and never skimp on quality. My clients want and deserve the best – as should everyone. I am formally trained and have almost 20 years experience (which is hard to come by these days). I was one of the first photographers to grasp and shoot digital when first released. If you’d like to know more about me read on…..

Weddings and portraits are my passion in life. I have owned a successful studio for years, and love the freedom of being my own boss. I can take all the time I need to do an exceptional job, rather than a good job for someone else set to a time limit. I am a stickler for attention to detail. It’s my nature to be a perfectionist and my clients’ benefit, as I deliver the best.

I would best describe myself as relaxed. I feel it is not only my job, but my obligation to put my clients at ease. You truly need someone who gives you a sense of calm and reassurance, while being understanding and attentive to their dreams and delivering priceless images.

I love weddings as I am chosen to capture that day and create an heirloom (a hand made wedding album to be passed down to grandchildren in years to come); everyone is genuinely happy and dressed well. I love portraits as they are generally a family doing their thing while I observe them quietly behind my camera.

When I meet with clients to go through their photographs they are taken aback at the quality and clarity of the images. The ooo’s and the aaarrr’s, the shimmering tears in eyes and a single tear rolling down a cheek. Whether it is a wedding or a portrait, the feelings are always the same - it is having a memory visualised and eternalised before you and that’s why I love my job!

Mark Rode-Bramanis