Greg Herd

Greg Herd Photographer
Twenty years of professional award winning photography both throughout Australia and overseas has taught me that professional photography is about far more than just using a camera to capture attractive images.
To capture truly memorable images it is vital to be able to communicate with clients what their expectations are, and to be able to identify and capture memories that reflect the personality of the clients in a spontaneous way- the fun, the laughter, maybe that glint in the eye, the inner character of the subjects. This important principle applies whether it be when shooting a wedding or portraits.

I believe that your own enthusiasm, sense of fun and ability to relate to clients in a relaxing and natural way, brings out the confidence and best qualities in clients and is reflected in their resulting images.

Being a part of a couple’s wedding day is an honour as a great deal of trust is placed in a photographer and one of the most positive experiences a photographer can have. Professional photography is able to reflect the real happenings of the day whether it be through those unexpected and natural moments of emotion through to even some of the hilarious bloopers that can happen and later become part of the wedding’s folklore.

Being able to relax your subject and make the photographic session fun, always results in the same body language being reflected when capturing stunning and sensitive images.

We all know the value of memories and to capture them professionally, is so important. Your images become not only a record for the future, but also a work of art for the present.

What a great way to earn a living!

Greg Herd